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Dotnoc IT Services company information

dotnoc. "your virtual noc" and services provider.

 About Dotnoc managed hosting and IT services

Dotnoc was founded in 2003 (by Netdigix Systems Inc. founded in 1999) to fill the growing need for a company to provide a complete solution for both dedicated hosting, management and customization of IT infrastructures and onsite IT services. At Dotnoc we strive to provide you with the best resources/services to build and maintain your information technology infrastructures. Whether its your own server(s), network or a web application hosted with us you can rest assured that our dedicated team is here to help.

Best of all we back up all these services with Full Customer Support. Our knowledgeable and responsive support team is equipped and ready to answer all your questions, resolve your networking and systems issues and help you maintain your web presence or network computing technologies.

Dotnoc IT services include a wide range of services and products including Dedicated Hosting, Managed Hosting, e-commerce solutions, Managed Services, Networking, Windows consulting, Linux consulting, Technical support,

 Our Mission

Information Technology, that's our business and our passion.  Our soul mission is to provide businesses and people with high quality non offshored (everything done in North America) technical services. Think of us as your virtual NOC (network operations center). We understand that our long-term success depends on great service and strong customer relationships, because a true partnership requires trust, understanding, and innovation.

 Our IT team

Dedicated, knowledgeable, innovative and friendly. Our team of IT specialist are a diversified set of specialists who are industry certified and seasoned professionals. With our senior network and systems analysts averaging 10-15 years of field experience you should rest assured that your network is in good hands.

Our Hosting Network

Our network and computer infrastructure has been designed to house mission critical hosted applications. The data center and network have been optimized for advanced hosting offering full multi-peer redundancy. We strive to provide our customers with optimal uptime and minimal latency.

Dotnoc currently operates networks in multiple internet data center locations in Canada.
For clients that require their managed/dedicated servers to be located on Canadian soil, Dotnoc guarantees that our servers will be located in Canada and on Canadian owned property.

Our operating datacenters provide top tier performance and reliability with features such as:

¤ Redundant Tier1 and Tier2 upstream providers e100/1000 and OC3
¤ Diesel Back-up Generator(s)
¤ Earthquake protected buildings
¤ 24x7 climate control systems
¤ 24x7 security
¤ The best in technical support to help you manage you servers.

Dotnoc's onsite service areas

Current service areas
Vancouver - Full line of services as seen on this website.
*Covers most of GVRD including: Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and all the Vancouvers (West & North)
Calgary - Select services offered.

Future service areas
Dotnoc is looking to expand our services to the following areas:

Toronto, Ontario (CANADA)
Montreal, Quebec (CANADA)
Seattle, Washington (USA)
Tokyo City, Tokyo (JAPAN)

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