Hosting in Canada

Why host in Canada?

All Dotnoc servers are guranteed to be located in Canada and on Canadian soil. The addresses of our datacenter hosting facilities are

333 Seymour Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 5A6

At DotNoc we are proud to be a Canadian based hosting . As a Canadian Hosting company, we are involved and supportive in our community, and not simply just a huge web based hosting conglomerate. We have experience working with both large and small Canadian businesses and we guarantee our services will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your company. Not only do we offer full customization in server hardware and software packages, we are also able to integrate custom applications and operating systems.

At DotNoc we are experienced in using Many Microsoft technologies including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange to provide your business with the tools it needs to succeed. Not only that, we offer both Linux and Microsoft based servers for your company to utilize at your benefit. Furthermore, all of our servers are physically located in Canada using Canadian bandwidth providers for our service. This means when you go with our Canadian hosting services you are not only getting a great deal, you are supporting a Canadian company.

We know that one of the primary concerns of your online business will be security, which is why we have developed a system that will increase your security tenfold. We offer a multitude of security services including firewalls, security scans/audits, database backups, and virus protection. All of these security measures will be optimized to fit your company perfectly, giving you the best online security available. Our company will also provide continuous updates and patches for these security systems, keeping you secure and up to date.

Solid hosting technology

Dotnoc uses only the best custom selected hosting hardware available. Our hosting infrastructure and technology is unique from any other hosting facility in Canada starting from the industrial steel racks to our dedicated and high availble managed environments. When it comes to managed and custom hosting environments Dotnoc is choice number one.

Disaster Proofing There are a lot of reasons to use a dedicated server company. Security, uptime, bandwidth, monitoring...all of these are good reasons, but another reason that often gets overlooked is also critical: surviving disasters. If an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, flood or even a terrorist attack occurs, you're counting on your server company to have done everything reasonably possible to make sure that your online business is unaffected. That's exactly why we spend the extra money to have our racks custom made. Our racks are designed and built to survive disasters of all kinds. No matter what gets thrown at them, if any racks in the world could survive it, these ones will.

Earthquake resistant hosting Our building is earth quake ready and meets or exceeds Vancouvers seismic measures. We have also taken all precautions to make sure your hosting equipment is not damaged in the case of an earth quake.

Earthquake based platform Dotnoc uses the ISO-Base Seismic Isolation Platform, seismic base-isolation technology is the most effective way to protect your mission-critical and expensive electronic equipment. ISO-Base. base-isolation technology passed the intense UBC-Bellcore Engineering Test (R7.5), and were proven to exceed Seismic Zone 4 Requirements.

Super Strong 100% Steel Construction You may never have given this a thought, but most server racks are made of thin aluminium sheeting. We've even seen several racks that are made of tin. Either way, if disaster ever strikes, they'll crumble like week-old cake. We're just not willing to accept that for our servers. We use welded heavy industrial grade steel for our racks and super-strong heavy-gauge lateral rails. You could drop a truck on these racks without denting them.

Airflow and air conditioning Heat is one of the most common reasons why server hardware fails, and hardware failure means downtime and lost revenue. Most racks enclose all the hot air they generate inside their external shells, with a handful of little fans at the top and bottom struggling to exhaust that hot air through a few woefully inadequate vents. Our racks are open designs, with clear airflow on every server, all the way from top to bottom. Our datacenter is designed for maximum air flow and never exceeds 19 degrees. With our world-class redundant industrial air conditioning systems used in Dotnoc data centers, ensures that your server gets the cooling it needs to run your websites and web applications reliably and without interruption.

Redundant power and backup power Dotnoc has spared no expenses when it comes to power. Unlike most datacenters in the Vancouver downtown core we are not limited to power constraints. Each one of our racks takes 60AMPS so they are never overloaded. We also have redundant UPS and diesel generators that can run days on end.

Fire protection Dotnoc houses a redundant state of the art NASF3 dry gas fire supression system with smoke alarms. Our Pre-action fire suppression system is equipped with tempurature sensors and automatic shut-off.

Superior Work Quality and Dedication We're computer people, we respect and understand technology that is why Dotnoc stands behinds its work and infrastructure. We have worked hard to ensure that the infrastructure and our people are well versed in every detail down to the last byte when it comes to understanding our servers and hosted/managed environments. We take pride and dedication in our work and guarantee 100% efficiency.