Virutal Servers & Virtual Machines

Support, Consulting and Hosting for virtual servers/virtual machines

Virtual Machines allow you to run multiple operating systems partitioned in their own virtual machine. This means you can partition your server or desktop to run multiple operating systems at the same time all in their own environment. Virtual servers can be run with both Linux and Windows server and desktop environments.

¤ Multiple environments on a single server.
¤ Perfect for development environments that require multiple OS.
¤ Great for hosting environments for Virtual Private Servers (VPS).
¤ Fast streamlined deployments of identical server environments.

Linux Virtual Server

Linux virtual server can be implimented in many different Linux platforms. Many different virtualization software exists to virtualize a linux server or PC.

Softwares: Xen, V-Server, Vmware

VMWARE Virtual Server

VMware server virtualization product is for both Windows and Linux servers with enterprise-class support and VirtualCenter management. VMware Server is a robust yet easy to use server virtualization product and is based on proven virtualization technology, which has been used by thousands of customers for more than six years. VMWARE Server will allow up to 4 Virtual servers and VMWARE Infrastructure will allow up to 8 virtual servers per machine.

Softwares: VMWARE Server, VMWARE Infrastructure

Windows Virtual Machine/PC

Virtual PC lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer. Use virtual machines to run operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows, and OS/2. You can run multiple operating systems at once on a single physical computer and switch between them as easily as switching applications. instantly, with a mouse click.

Virtual PC is perfect for any scenario in which you need to support multiple operating systems, whether you use it for tech support, legacy application support, training, or just for consolidating physical computers.

Softwares: Microsoft Virtual PC 2004