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MySQL, MSSQL, PostgresQL, Microsoft Access & Oracle database services - Vancouver

Like most online applications your Database is the heart of technology therefore your databases should be running and optimized for maximum performance. At Dotnoc our database experts can help you perform database maintenance, create and optimize your databases.

Database optimization & performance tuning:

Improving response time, eliminating bottlenecks, increasing scalability, working with developers to improve the performance of Databases. Dotnoc can help you optimize any SQL based database including these most popular databases: MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and Access.

Database management & administration:

Dotnoc can help you design an optimized database to fit your application needs. Our skilled DBA (Data Base Administrators) and DBD (Data Base Designers) can perform database architecture and design, installations, enhancements, patches, monitoring, database rebuilding, backup/recovery, RAC (Real Application Clusters), replication, capacity planning and troubleshooting.

SQL Database design:

Don't know what you need your database to do or how to structure it? Dotnoc can help you gather user requirements, determine database functionality, logical and physical design and data modeling.

What databases do we support?
¤ MsSQL (MIcrosoft SQL Server)
¤ PostgresQL
¤ DB2
¤ Oracle
¤ Microsoft Access
¤ Other databases are also available ..

Oracle RAC 10G server consulting & support services

¤ Oracle on Linux or Solaris
¤ Oracle Rac
¤ Oracle clustering
¤ Shares SCSI Array, Disk groups, Fusion Cache
¤ Administration, design, support & optimization
¤ Managed Oracle RAC 10G servers

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