Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster planning, Tape backups & data loss prevention

At Dotnoc we know that every successful disaster recovery plan requires quick, seamless access to up-to-date data and precise procedures on getting your core systems back and running. Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are vital to any company that depends on the access of information and company data. Site-wide disasters, while perceived by some as less likely to occur, DO occur. Not only are most businesses completely shut down if their data is lost in a disaster, but each hour of downtime equates to enormous financial losses.

Dotnoc can help you minimize that risk, with our disaster recovery planning services you can rest assured that your network and data are always available to both your business and your clients.

Why do you need a disaster recovery plan?

¤ Recover from lost data or disasters and keep your company running
¤ Most companies without a plan never recover when a disaster occurs
¤ Some insurance companies now require you to have a disaster recovery plan
¤ Business continuity and best IT practices
¤ Peace of mind

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