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ISA Server is the Microsoft's integrated edge security gateway that helps protect your IT environment from Internet-based threats while providing your users with fast and secure remote access to applications and data. Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server is an advanced stateful packet and application-layer inspection firewall, virtual private network (VPN), and Web cache solution that enables enterprise customers to easily maximize existing information technology (IT) investments by improving network security and performance.

ISA Server provides advanced protection, ease of use, and fast, secure access for all types of networks. ISA Server is particularly well suited for protecting large enterprise network configurations requiring multiple firewall arrays in disparate locations that are running Microsoft client and server applications, such as Microsoft Office, Office Outlook Web Access 2003, Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Internet Information Services (IIS), Routing and Remote Access, Active Directory service, and many other Microsoft applications, servers, and services.

ISA Server contains a full featured, application-layer aware firewall that helps protect organizations of all sizes from attack by both external and internal threats. ISA Server performs deep inspection of Internet protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which enables it to detect many threats that traditional firewalls cannot detect. The integrated firewall and VPN architecture of ISA Server support stateful filtering and inspection of all VPN traffic. The firewall also provides VPN client inspection for Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based quarantine solutions, helping to protect networks from attacks that enter through a VPN connection. In addition, a completely new user interface, wizards, templates, and a host of management tools help administrators avoid common security configuration errors.

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ISA Server 2004

ISA Server 2000

¤ Enhanced firewall capabilities
¤ Support for multiple networks
¤ VPN Support
¤ Port redirection for server publishing rules
¤ RADIUS support for Web proxy client authentication
¤ Advanced HTTP Filtering
¤ Integrated support for Network Load Balancing (NLB)
¤ Active Directory Integration

Firewall security

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Stateful packet filtering
(stateful packet inspection) determines which packets will be allowed to pass through to the secured network circuit and application-layer proxy services. Stateful filtering opens ports automatically only as needed and then closes the ports when the communication ends.

Circuit filtering
provides application-transparent circuit gateways for multiplatform access to Telnet, RealAudio, Windows Media technologies, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and many other Internet protocols and services. Unlike other circuit-layer proxies, ISA Server circuit-layer security works together with dynamic packet filtering for enhanced security and ease of use.

Application filtering and stateful inspection
processes commands within client computer application protocols (such as HTTP, FTP, and Gopher). ISA Server acts on behalf of the client computer, hiding the network topology and IP addresses from the outside network.

Stateful inspection
ISA Server dynamically and intelligently performs stateful packet filtering (stateful packet inspection) and stateful application-layer inspection of traffic crossing the firewall. This ensures integrity of communications and prevents security breaches by intruders, hackers, worms, viruses, and suspicious command strings. Stateful inspection is done in the context of both the application-layer protocol and the state of the connection.

Smart application filtering
ISA Server goes beyond basic application filtering by controlling application-specific traffic with application, command, and data-aware filters. Through intelligent filtering of VPN, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, H.323 conferencing, streaming media, and RPC traffic, ISA Server can accept, reject, redirect, and modify traffic based on its contents.

Secure server publishing
Secure server publishing helps protect Web servers, e-mail servers, and e-commerce applications from external attacks. ISA Server adds a layer of security by impersonating the published server. Web publishing rules protect internal Web servers by allowing you to specify which computers can be accessed. Server publishing rules protect internal servers from unwarranted access by external users. Intelligent application filtering protects all published servers from external attack.

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention
Using integrated intrusion detection capabilities based on technology from Internet security systems, ISA Server generates an alert and executes an action if it detects a network intrusion attempt (such as port scanning, WinNuke, or ping of death).

Integrated virtual private networking
By integrating its services with the VPN services of Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server, ISA Server enables you to provide standards-based secure remote access to connect branch offices and remote users to corporate networks. You can apply the ISA Server firewall policy to VPN connections to gain fine-tuned control over the resources and protocols that VPN users can access.

Firewall transparency
SecureNAT provides transparent firewall access through the ISA Server computer and protection for all IP clients on ISA Server-protected networks, with no client software or configuration necessary, by substituting a globally valid IP address for an internal IP address. Sophisticated application-layer filters provide complex protocol support for SecureNAT clients.

Strong user authentication
ISA Server supports strong user authentication with integrated Windows authentication (Windows NT/LAN Manager and Kerberos) for its firewall and Web proxy clients. For Web proxy clients, the product supports client certificates as well as digest, basic, forms-based, and anonymous Web authentication. ISA Server Enterprise Edition can authenticate users against the local user database on the firewall in Active Directory, or it can use RADIUS to authenticate against any RADIUS-compliant directory.

SSL-to-SSL bridging
For Web servers that require authenticated and encrypted client access, ISA Server provides end-to-end security and application-layer filtering using SSL-to-SSL bridging. Unlike most firewalls, ISA Server inspects encrypted data before it reaches the Web server. The firewall decrypts the SSL stream, performs stateful inspection, and then re-encrypts the data and forwards it to the published Web server.

High availability (Enterprise Edition only)
You can use ISA Server integrated Windows NLB to configure and manage high availability for your ISA Server arrays. NLB allows online array members to transparently take over for disabled members of the array. Integrated NLB provides for NLB service health monitoring and supports all protocols with its built-in bidirectional affinity feature. ISA Server integrated bidirectional affinity supports multiple networks connected to, or through, the array.

Web Caching

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High-performance Web caching
ISA Server uses fast random access memory (RAM) caching and an optimized disk cache to accelerate Web performance, both for ISA Server-protected network clients accessing Internet Web servers and for Internet users accessing content on a corporate Web server.

Scheduled caching
You can preload the cache with entire Web sites on a defined schedule. Scheduled downloads ensure up-to-date cache content for every user while also making content on offline Web servers available to your users.

Increased Web performance with CARP
ISA Server supports the Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP). CARP enhances Web performance by providing both load balancing and transparent failover for Web proxy browser connections. CARP efficiently manages the storage and retrieval of caching information for an array of Web caching servers through a sophisticated caching algorithm. Auto-configuration of Web browsers ensures that IT personnel will not need to reconfigure Web browsers to support CARP.

Firewall Management

windows isa server image 3
Centralized firewall management
You can manage all ISA Server computers from a single, centralized management console. The ISA Server management console allows you to configure and manage hundreds of ISA Server computers and Web caching servers from a single location.

Enforcement of enterprise-wide firewall policy
You can create a standardized set of enterprise firewall policies and automatically apply them to all ISA Server computers and Web caching servers in an array. From a single location, you can deploy enterprise policy to hundreds of firewalls belonging to multiple firewall arrays. An ISA Server enterprise administrator has fine tuned, granular control over firewall policy throughout the enterprise. The high level of control includes the level of policy access authority granted to firewall array administrators.

Policy-based access control
You can control inbound and outbound access according to user, group, application, source, destination, content, and schedule. ISA Server firewall policy wizards specify which sites and content are accessible, whether a particular protocol is accessible for both inbound and outbound communication, and whether communication between specified IP addresses, using specified protocols and ports, should be allowed or denied.

Active Directory integration
ISA Server can leverage the user database stored in Active Directory to authenticate both inbound and outbound access through the firewall. Active Directory integration is available even when the ISA Server computer is not a member of an Active Directory domain.

Remote management
You can manage ISA Server remotely through a Microsoft Management Console (MMC), Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop, Windows 2000 Terminal Services, and command-line scripts.

Centralized monitoring
You can monitor servers in all arrays from a single location with the ISA Server centralized monitoring feature. Any firewall administrator with the proper credentials can monitor all servers in any array from a centralized management console environment.

Logging, reporting, and alerting
ISA Server provides detailed security and access logs in standard data formats, such as delimited text files, Microsoft SQL Server databases, or SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) databases. You can run scheduled built-in reports on Web usage, application usage, network traffic patterns, and security, and you can automatically publish these reports to a local folder or a remote file share. Event-driven alerts can trigger e-mail messages to administrators, start and stop firewall services, and take automated action based on alert criteria.

Unbeatable Compatibility

windows isa server image 4
Broad application support
ISA Server supports many Internet protocols, including HTTP/SSL, FTP, RDP, Telnet, RealAudio, RealVideo, IRC, H.323, Windows Media streaming, e-mail and news, in addition to over a hundred more Internet and intranet protocols.

Broad vendor support
Independent vendors offer products that build on and integrate with ISA Server 2004, including virus detection software, management tools, and content filtering and reporting software. For example, you can use third-party filters to prevent the latest viruses, Java scripts, or ActiveX controls from being downloaded on to your secured networks.

Extensive SDK
ISA Server 2004 includes a comprehensive SDK for developing tools that build on the ISA Server firewall, caching, and management features. The SDK provides full application programming interfaces (API) documentation and step-by-step samples for building additional Web filters, application filters, MMC snap-ins, reporting tools, scriptable commands, alert management, and more.

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