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The Advantages of Linux Servers

Great advantages of hosting on a linux platform

There are so many advantages of using Linux that we could only list a few of the most major points.

  • Stability: Linux doesn't need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels. It doesn't freeze up or slow down over time due to memory leaks and such. Properly configured, Linux systems will generally run until the hardware fails or the system is shut down. Continuous up-times of hundreds of days (up to a year or more) are not uncommon.

  • Performance: Linux provides persistent high performance on servers and on networks. It can handle large numbers of users and Simultaneous connections. Over time Linux has constantly out performed other high end server operating systems and in networking applications often out performs high end vendor equipment such as cisco, 3com, juniper and many others.

  • Security: Linux is one of the most secure operating systems. Walls and flexible file access permission systems prevent access by unwanted visitors or viruses. Significantly less security holes then other server operating systems. Security updates are usually available in mere hours after an exploit or bug is found.

  • Linux Networking: Is far superior to most commercial software and hardware functions. Linux's feature rich networking is customizable to many applications as well as being secure.

  • Linux is flexible: This is probably the greatest advantage of all. Linux and OSS applications can be adapted for your specific needs, usually at low cost. Why? Because the source code is available to everyone. A great pool of OSS makes it possible for developers to quickly add a company-specific function. Instead of making your people waste their time working around the limitations of packaged software, make the software adapt to them. You can now think about.

  • Linux has the best technical support available: Linux is supported by commercial distributors, consultants, and by a very active community of users and developers. In 1997, the Linux community was awarded InfoWorld's Product of the Year Award for Best Technical Support over all commercial software vendors.

  • Multitasking: Linux supports true multi-tasking, which is the ability to run more than one "program" or "task" at the same time

  • Open source: If you develop software that requires knowledge or modification of the operating system code, Linux's source code is at your fingertips,

  • Linux source code is freely distributed: Tens of thousands of programmers have reviewed the source code to improve performance, eliminate bugs, and strengthen security. No other operating system has ever undergone this level of review. This Open Source design has created most of the advantages listed above.
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