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At DotNoc we are experienced in Managed Linux Hosting and will help your company succeed by offering the most comprehensive hosting packages available. We specialize in hosting infrastructure and support services for Linux and Open Source software. We offer shared and dedicated Linux servers, and we excel in optimizing a hosting plan that is ideal for you.

Our managed Linux hosting will improve your company by providing you with a system that allows for full customization. We can integrate firewall services, backup and database management, an unparallel level of security, as well as choice of operating system. DotNoc is also experiences in providing support for custom Linux applications, as well as updating and servicing those already in place.

We realize that one of the most important aspects of creating a business environment online is the issue of security. With our managed Linux hosting we guarantee your security will be increased dramatically by providing your server with monitoring and security scans as well as a comprehensive firewall and anti-virus package. We also provide a failsafe backup method which will give you the stability you need if anything should happen.

Furthermore, our managed Linux hosting services will allow us to find the perfect bandwidth plan for your company using a blend of speed and cost-effective server choices. We host both managed and dedicated server packages, and would be more than happy to assist you in integrating your server choice with your IT department. We are proud to provide numerous bandwidth packages that will give you the versatility to host any sort of online business environment while keeping your speed and efficiency at a maximum

Not only do we install and setup your managed Linux hosting infrastructure, we will also provide continuous support in the form of software patches and updates. We make sure that your hosting service is kept up to date daily with the latest application and OS updates so you will never be running below five nines (99.99999%) outside of our control. DotNoc also provides continuous security upgrades and installations as necessary to keep your business as secure as possible at all times of the day, every day of the week.

DotNoc also boasts a professional and expert staff that is available for around the clock remote and onsite assistance. Our support services include both technical assistance and IT consulting so provide your company with a well rounded support package. Linux Hosting Packages

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