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Load Balancing & Clustering support services

For high availability and mission critical applications
Ensuring that your services or applications are available to your customers is key to the success of your business. Managing potential network or server overloads as well as having a fail over plan are essential in providing a responsive and readily available online customer experience. Whether you are improving the reliability or availability of your applications the Dotnoc Load Balancing Services and solutions can help you achieve a high level of availability for your applications.

 When 100% uptime and reliability is absolutely critical.
» For both Linux and Windows

Network load Balancing support and configuration

Distributing processing and communications activity across computers on a network so that no single device is overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it's difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server. Busy Web sites typically employ two or more Web servers in a load balancing scheme. If one server starts to get swamped, requests are forwarded to another server with more capacity. Load balancing can also refer to the communications channels themselves. There are many load balancing algorithms available each tailored to specific traffic situations. More info on load balance server hosting

Server clustering support and installation

Clustering solutions enable scalability by balancing the load of an application across several computer systems. When necessary, users have the ability to add additional nodes to a cluster to increase the joint processing resources. This also allows processors within a cluster to communicate data more efficiently and reduce the average memory access time. The result: more computing power, especially when running parallel applications. Clustering solutions from Dotnoc achieve higher availability by the use of "failover" clusters, in which computing resources are automatically diverted in the event of a system failure. These include planned shutdowns (as well as unplanned outages). More info on load balance server hosting

Statefull Failover
On most networks, the firewall is a single point of failure. When the firewall goes down, Clients are unable access your website or applications. By placing two firewalls in parallel. All traffic passes through the primary firewall; when it fails the backup firewall assumes the identity of the primary firewall, and continues where it left off. Existing connections are preserved, and network traffic continues as if nothing had happened. More info on load balance server hosting

load balancing
Standard load balance and failover setup. Click the image for larger view

Key Benefits of load balancing
- Redundant Load Balancers
- Secured hosting environment
- Scale Server Architecture Easily
- Increased Availability
- Increased Performance
- Increased Security
- Stateful Sessions
- Intelligent Balancing Methods

Load Balancing for Windows servers

Windows servers provide 2 methods of load balancing and clustering. The first is WLBS (Windows Load Balancing Service) and Windows Clustering services. It is also possible to use the Linux load balancing service to load balance Windows servers in the configuration as shown in the above diagram.

Load Balancing for Linux servers with KeepaliveD, Ultramonkey and LVS

Linux provides many options for load balancing and clustering including LVS, KeepaliveD and Ultra Monkey. The Linux solution can be setup in a server and client mode meaning it can load balance between other Linux servers or act as a load balancing server to distribute connections between other servers (as shown in the diagram above).

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