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Network design & Systems design

Dotnoc offers Network and systems design. We have implemented and designed networks in virtually all industries for small and medium sized networks and businesses. Most companies build and expand their networks in a patchwork fashion with no design goals or structure in mind, in the end it ends up costing the business more headache, resources and money to maintain. At Dotnoc we take the time to understand the business goals and structure of the company and design a network best suited to support their business needs.

¤ Network Design
¤ Pre-Deployment
¤ Deployment

Dotnoc Covers all the bases from the initial design of a network environment to the installation/deployment stages. We design your network and systems for optimal performance for new installations, upgrades and expanding your networks.

Network Design

network design

Network design for LAN and WAN networking

¤ Network design & installation
¤ New, upgrading, expanding network infrastructure
¤ Network load and utilization planning
¤ Multi-site, simple to complex networking
¤ Multi vendor: Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper, Extreme networks and HP.
¤ Routing for LAN and WAN

Systems Design

network design

Computer systems design for servers, desktops and hosting

¤ Systems Design & installation
¤ New, upgrading, expanding system infrastructure
¤ System load and utilization planning
¤ Multi Vendor: AMD, Intel, HP, Dell and IBM.
¤ Load balancing and clustering
¤ Servers for hosting, intranet, extranet and applications.
¤ Linux and Windows Servers.

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