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Network monitoring solutions and support

Get detailed statistics on network traffic and uptime

Server Monitoring

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Advanced server monitoring

Network monitoring is a service that monitors the state of your servers and services. By monitoring your servers services you can be alerted automatically when a service such as email or web is having problems as well as major server functions such as Memory, Disks space, CPU and more. These alerts can go to your cell phone, email or sms.

¤ Generate detailed reports on uptime
¤ Maximize network uptime
¤ Port and Ping monitoring
¤ Advanced monitoring for CPU, Memory, Disk space and more.

Softwares: Cacti, Nagios, Sysmon, GFI

Web Traffic Graphing

traffic graph image

Traffic graphing and analysis

Want to know how many people visited your website today? how about what websites are sending you traffic? unique hits? total hits for the month? what about geographical location? With web traffic analyzers and graphing it is now easier then ever to track who is on your website, where they are visiting and where they come from.

¤ Detailed Traffic graphs and traffic trends
¤ Unique visitor information such as browser type & Country location
¤ Find out how your website is functioning

Softwares: Webalizer, AWStats, Analog, Webtrends

Bandwidth Graphing

bandwidth monitoring image

Bandwidth and network traffic graphing

Ever wonder how much traffic your network is doing or when your peak traffic time is? With traffic and bandwidth graphing you can now determine peak traffic times, total traffic used and utilization of network bandwidth.

¤ Detailed Graphs on traffic utilization
¤ Supports switches, routers and firewalls
¤ Windows and Linux server bandwidth graphing
¤ Traffic stats to the Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute

Softwares: Cacti, MRTG, Cricket

Intrusion Detection

intrusion detection image

Network security by Intrusion Detection

Protect your servers and network from unwanted intruders. Most companies or networks never even know when a potential threat is happening or happened until it is to late.

¤ Monitor your network security
¤ Keep your servers safe
¤ Detailed reports
¤ Proactive network security
¤ More information on intrusion detection

Snort, Tripwire, Sonicwall, Cisco

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