Server & network patching services

Keeping your servers and desktops security patched

Keeping your network, servers and desktops patched and up to date are key to running a problem free network. Dotnoc offers multiple solutions for keeping your computers and networks up to date.

¤ Critical security patches
¤ Operating system and program bug patching
¤ Windows server & desktop patching
¤ Linux server patching

Windows server/desktop patch management

Dotnoc can manually manage desktop and server patching while utilizing Microsoft built in patch management tools. For larger environments of servers and desktops Dotnoc utilizes Microsoft and third party patch management tools to push Microsoft patches to servers and desktops. give us a call today to see what solution fits your network.

Linux server patch management

Dotnoc keeps your Linux servers up to date for software and linux kernel patches. We can compile new kernels and keep server softwares up to date (for supported versions of Redhat, Fedora, Debian, Mandrake and Suse).

Network patch management

Keeping your network equipment up to date for security updates and feature updates. Dotnoc supports many major hardware vendors such as Cisco, HP, Linksys, Sonicwall and many more.

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