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Network security, Firewalls, Virus & Spyware protection

Security Audits

Network & Server security audits

Assess your network security by having a detailed network audit performed on your key systems. Dotnoc will investigate known security vulnerabilities within your system and report back on the proper procedures and methods to resolve any security flaws.

¤ Remote internet security audit
¤ Password audits
¤ Firewall audits
¤ Intrusion Detection
¤ OS Patching

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Firewalls & VPN

Firewall & Network Security

Protect your network, servers and computers from outside threats. Block out hackers, Bots, script kiddies and viruses from infecting and gaining access to your network and critical data.

¤ Network firewall & Security consulting
¤ Prevent network attacks and hacker attempts
¤ Windows, Linux and commercial product support
¤ Virus and Spyware scanning
¤ VPN and secure remote access
¤ Multi Layer Switch and Router ACL (Access Lists)

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Anti Virus

Anti Virus protection for your network

Protect your network from destructive viruses and trojans. Many malicious viruses can render your servers, network and workstations un-usable and worst of all can cause complete loss of information and data.

¤ Desktop and Server virus protection
¤ Full enterprise and business solutions
¤ Virus Removal & Virus outbreak containment
¤ Prevent virus outbreaks through preventative maintenance

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Spyware/Adware protection for your network & computers

Many computer users don't realize the extreme threat that spyware/adware poses, spyware/adware can slow down your computer, take over your browser, steal your personal information. The threat of spyware is a real threat, without proper spyware protection even a simple task such as surfing the internet can compromise your computer, network and data.

¤ Protect your businesses critical information
¤ Prevent Spyware/Adware web browser hijacking & data mining
¤ Spyware/Adware prevention consulting

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