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Managed networking services

Computer networking services, support, installation and troubleshooting

How important is your networks uptime? Like most people you answered "Absolutely critical". Your network should provide you with more than just connectivity. Successful networking means more then just installing a piece hardware and that is why you need top notch networking professionals with proven industry experience to manage, deploy and support your networks. Our networking team have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to help you plan, deploy, optimise and manage your computer networks.

Support - Design - Installation - Management - Troubleshooting - Upgrading


Network firewall support

Firewalls protect your network from outside threats. Without a properly configured and maintained firewall your network could be vulnerable to hackers, viruses, worms and many other malicious attacks.
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Network router support

Routers are an intrical part of any network, whether they are working as a gateway or routing traffic for your networks and servers. Having your router configured properly is key in how your network performs and could mean the difference between having an extremely fast and efficient network to having a network that is slow, lossy and underperforming. see information about routing protocols..


Wireless network support

Wireless networks are becoming more and more a part of everyday business operation, from having visitors be able to connect to the internet or being able to take your laptop, handheld or tablet PC to the boardroom, another office or to lunch without having to burden yourself with plugging in wires and looking for network ports. Wireless access is now fast and efficient and can be put in networks where high traffic is required.


Network switch support

Switches connect your network, servers and desktops together, whether you have a small network or a medium/large complex network switches play a big part in the network. Dotnoc offers the expertise in designing, configuring and implementing switches and multi layer switches into the networking environment (VLAN, MPLS, ACL, QOS and more!). We support major brand switches such as HP Procurve, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Linksys and 3com.

Load Balancing

Network load balancing support

When speed and server loads become an issue your best and only alternative is to implement load balancing. With load balancing you can now distribute the loads over multiple servers. With the different and advanced load balancing algorithms available you can choose which server gets more traffic and how the servers react to different load scenarios.
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Fail Over

Network failover support

Worried that if one of your servers, routers or firewalls goes down your are dead in the water? Not to worry! Dotnoc specializes in failover and clustering for networks. In this scenario if any single machine where to fail the other one would just simply take over, the end users don't even know that there has been a failure and keep using the service as normal.
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