User password security audit

Help protect your computer information with strong passwords

One of the most important aspects of any secure computing environment are user passwords it is often seen as the weakest security point in a network if not properly designed. A strong password should appear to be a random string of characters to an attacker. Having a good password policy in place is absolutely critical for network security and can prevent outside intruders from gaining easy access to your network. Dotnoc can help you secure your networking environment by securing your passwords and policies.

1) Audit your users passwords
Dotnoc can audit your users current passwords by using standard and well known hacker tools. This will let you know where the weaknesses lie within your organization and where to improve on your password policies. This service applies to both Windows and Linux password databases.

2) Create a password policy company wide
Creating a password policy for users ensures that you have company wide secure passwords in place. Dotnoc can help you in choosing the right combination of password security options to implement into your environment.

3) Implementing alternatives to password authentication
There are alternatives to using passwords and Dotnoc can help you implement the best technologies for your network such as SSH keys for Linux, Certificate authentication and Smart Card authentication.

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