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Server configuration & Server Management

Server configuration/installation services for both linux and windows.

Server Management is an important part of hosting your company online and at the forefront of the IT business. Managed services for a server can mean a lot of things, ranging from technical maintenance to optimized hosting service. Something as important as business continuity and patch management are what managed services entail. At DotNoc we are experienced in providing companies with the perfect balance of management to make any IT environment succeed.

The foremost aspect of your server hosting plan that we will manage is performance. Server performance is key when hosting a business environment, as clients must be guaranteed a certain level of service, and DotNoc can provide a stable base for your company. Our server management solutions will make your company run smoothly while using cost-effective methods to maximize your profit.

Features we can implement include software updates, operating system updates, application deployment, database management, and many more. Using our server management plan will allow you to fully customize your server package to include software, hardware, and even choice of operating system. Another great reason to use our management services is to maximize the security of your company. DotNoc can provide your company with up to date firewall, backup, and anti-virus services as well as continuous security scans. We guarantee that this system will drastically increase your security, while providing you with a backup system to ensure your stability even if the unlikely were to happen.

We also feature expert implementation and customization of applications in our server management package. This allows you to make full use of custom applications and cutting edge software to propel your company to the top of the online environment. Our services are both effective and professional, so why wait? Call now to talk to a service representative and find out why DotNoc is the perfect choice for your IT business solution.

Windows Server
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Windows server is the Microsoft operating system providing a scalable, flexible, security-enhanced platform it is a perfect solution for corporate businesses and hosting environments.

Linux Server
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Linux is a high performance, customizable and scalable multi user operating system platform. It is a Unix-like operating system that is suitable for use on a wide range of computers and server systems in both a corporate and datacenter environment.

choose your operating system from Debian, Centos, Fedor
a or windows server Debian Linux Centos Linux Fedora Linux Windows server

We configure servers:
¤ Onsite
¤ Remotely
¤ At your colocation
¤ Your dedicated server
¤ Server maintenance
Windows and Linux platforms
¤ File server configuration
¤ Mail server configuration
¤ Windows Active Directory configuration
¤ Web server configuration
¤ Database server configuration
¤ FTP server installation
¤ DNS server installation
¤ DHCP server installation
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