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Virus scan solutions and support

Virus protection for your network and computers

Having a virus scanning solution for your network is an absolute requirement. A single virus outbreak can render your computers useless and bring your network to its knees. Malicious viruses and torjan horses can compromise your security, destroy your files, crash your computers and steal your critical information. This is why all companies large or small should have a virus and security solution.

 - Virus consulting services -

¤ Desktop and Server virus protection
¤ Virus outbreak containment
¤ Network wide deployments and upgrades
¤ Preventative maintenance and planning
¤ Linux and Windows virus scanning solutions

 - Where can anti virus solutions be used? -

¤ Windows desktops and Windows servers
¤ Mail servers (both Windows and Linux)
¤ Firewalls and Gateways
¤ Internet applications like web browsers and Email

 - Understanding Virus threats -

¤ Virus - are malicious software programs deliberately designed to interfere with computer operation, record, corrupt, or delete data, or spread themselves to other computers and throughout the Internet, often slowing down your computers and networks or causing other problems in the process.

¤ Worms - are sophisticated advanced viruses can replicate and send themselves automatically to other computers by controlling other software programs, such as your outlook address book.

¤ Trojan Horses - are viruses that can falsely appear as a beneficial program to coax users into downloading them. Some Trojans can even provide expected results while quietly damaging your system or other networked computers at the same time.

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