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VPN hosting services and support

For secure remote access 24x7, VPN services and support

Help improve the productivity of your employees on the road and remote offices requiring access to company data by enabling simple and secure VPN access to corporate data and applications from any location and from any network.

Dotnoc's VPN products and services are fully-managed or self-managed global VPN solutions for small and medium sized companies (1-100 employees) looking to provide secure connectivity between employees on the road, branch offices as well as to headquarters, using the Internet. With 3DES or SSL encryption our VPN solutions deliver industry standard security to protect the privacy of your company data over the Internet.

¤ High encryption - 3DES
¤ Site-to-Site VPN
¤ Road Warrior VPN
¤ Server-to-Server
¤ Enhanced VPN service
¤ Integrates into any network

¤ VPN Hosting
¤ Secure remote access
¤ Linux VPN support
¤ Windows VPN support
¤ Multi network vendors
(Cisco, Sonicwall, Linksys)

Cisco, Sonicwall, Windows and Linux VPN services

What is a VPN? a VPN is a private network that uses a public network to securely connect remote sites or users together. Instead of using a dedicated, real-world connection such as leased line, a VPN uses "virtual" connections routed or "tunneled" through the Internet from the company's private network to the remote site or employee. VPN's are 100% secure using thus far unbeatable encryption and data security methods.

Site-to-site VPN
In a distributed business model, branch offices and home office locations extend a company's reach into key markets, but that communication link must be secure, available 24x7 and be able to support the businesses applications. Dotnoc's VPN solutions help companies establish centralized control over branch offices, point-of-sale (POS) locations, or remote kiosks providing the robust security and performance needed for business continuity. Dotnoc's firewall/VPN solutions can enable secure communications between multiple locations. Site-To-Site VPN's can be configured in IPSEC and SSL configurations and with multi vendor equipment such as Cisco, Sonicwall and Linux.

Remote access VPN
One of the fastest growing uses of VPN is the telecommuting workforce. Recent analyst studies predict a total of 32 million Internet-connected telecommuters and work at home users in the US and Canada alone by 2004. By 2005, the worldwide telecommuting population is expected to reach 137 million. Telecommuting is changing the way companies operate by bringing considerable benefits to both employers and workers:
¤ Securely access key company resources over the internet from any internet location.
¤ Companies can expand their work force attract the most talented and experienced employees regardless of location.
¤ Operations can be expanded quickly and cost-effectively without opening additional branch offices by having workers operate from a home office.
¤ Employee productivity increases with reduced commuting time and fewer daily interruptions.
¤ Works with all current Windows desktops.

VPN's high encryption and security
Our VPN solutions use only industry leading security features and encryption levels.
¤ 3DES - Triple Data Encryption Standard 192 bit keys providing maximum security and data encryption.
¤ L2TP - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol an important component of VPN functionality.
¤ PPTP - Microsoft's VPN implementation supported by default for all current Microsoft windows operating systems.
more info here on PPTP ..
¤ SSL - Secure Socket Layer with 128bit encryption it is considered the standard for high level encryption.
¤ IPSEC - Internet Security Protocol, used for secure transfer of internet packet data.

VPN routers for server and clients
Our VPN solutions are offered on multiple vendor platforms.
¤ Linux
¤ Windows
¤ Cisco
¤ Sonicwall
¤ Linksys
¤ Other hardware vendors

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