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We will not tolerate any abuse to our network. You'r first offence is your last offence

no spam policy

  • ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SPAM; any indication of spam will result in the immediate investigation of the offending account and any sub accounts associated with the offending account. If the account is found guilty of spamming it will be imidiatly put on hold as well as any sub accounts associated with the offending account.
  • NO REFUNDS of any kind will be given to accounts terminated due to spam or prohibited activities as listed in our terms and conditions
  • Ignorance is no defense where SPAM is concerned - if you are at all unsure as to whether what you are proposing to do is SPAM then please read this whole section thoroughly or contact us to check first.
  • Clients found guilty of Spamming will be fined $500.00USD per spam incident
  • No Illigal Pornography or illicit material as defined in the terms and conditions
  • Immediate server shutdown Your services will be immediately shutdown.

What is spam?
- SPAM (also referred to as Unsolicited Bulk E-mail, Mass E-mail, Junk E-mail or Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE)) is the scourge of the Internet and costs all of us indirectly many millions in lost money (not to mention the lost time and energy spent downloading and reading/deleting them). In short SPAM is a message that advertises goods or services in the following situations:

- Off-topic or excessively multi-posted messages posted to Newsgroups, Message Boards or any other sort of Forum, unless such posts are expressly allowed by the owners.
- E-mail sent to people you do not know
- E-mail sent to people you know, but who aren't expecting a solicitation from you
- E-mail sent to people that are not expecting a solicitation from you.
- E-mail sent to people that didn't sign up for your mailing list.
- E-mail sent to e-mail addresses from purchased or random generated email lists
- For more information on spam please visit
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