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Network security audit services

Complete network security audits for Windows, Linux and Unix

Is network security important to you? of course it is! Every day of every minute companies are vulnerable and being attacked by hackers, viruses, worms and other maliciouse activities. Dotnoc helps protect you against these types of security threats.

Stay Secure! implement a network security solution now!.

Security Audit

Network security audit & port audit

Remote port scans and scans for the services running on those ports. Dotnoc uses industry leading security audit tools to asses and report to you about the potential security threats for your network.
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Password Audit

Password strength audit & dictionary password audit

One of the most easily exploited security vulnerability by hackers is weak passwords, often hackers gain remote access to your system from a regular use account with a weak password and then from there gain a higher level of access and take over your system completely. Implementing a good password policy is key to running a secure network. more security info..

Firewall Audit

Network firewall remote port audits

Like remote port audits your firewall should allow as little to be seen on your network as possible and often times not allow anything to be seen at all. Implementing proper security and access lists are key to running a secure and safe network. more security info..

Intrusion Detection

Implement Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection help you identify potential threats of hackers or attacks to your network. Knowing this information gives you the ability to counter those attacks by implementing proper network security policies. more security info..

OS Patching

Operating system patching for Windows & Linux

Keeping your operating system patched is absolutely critical, even with a firewall in place if your remote services are un-patched it can lead to hackers, viruses and worms gaining access to your systems and wreaking havoc. Dotnoc offers services to keep your network and servers patched and up to date. more virus info..

Windows Specific

Windows security audits

¤ Virus databases are up to date and auto protection is on
¤ Spyware, Maleware and Adware policys in place
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